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Friday, July 15, 2011
Couple of days ago I’ve changed this blogs’ layout.
Yeayyyyy for a new dynamic layout! (And Sy does a silly dance)

Well,  I found the previous one to be basically too serious and stiff.

 I know, I know... Didn’t I choose to put it up myself? Yup, I did. But at that moment there was just no better option...
I personally love my new layout. It is artsy, colorful, bright, lively and not gender related. It’s not that I have anything against gender related stuff, but from the start I knew I didn’t want a layout all too girly, but neither did it had to be boyish or dull. So the actual one...well, it is not PERFECT...but it makes me content.
The only problem now is...since I’ve changed the layout, you are unable to comment
L Thanks to DannyB for calling this prob to my attention...
So so soooo  sad... (SNIF)
But I’m trying to work this inconvenience out so you’d be able to post comments as soon as possible. In the mean time bear with me...I’m not a professional you know; but I’m trying my best here!


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