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Friday, July 8, 2011
When I and my friends saw the movie named after the topic of this post, my friends actually thought that the main character and I had some things in common... behaviorally speaking. And I strongly disagreed. Well I still do...kind of.
But some other people agreed there were some resemblances and to this day I have it posted on my office door...written by a colleague...”No Strings Attached. Starring Sy.”
Sy doesn’t star in any No Strings Attached!!!! ...(Or does she?)
Interestingly enough, I read some days ago in an article about a survey conducted in the USA in which it resulted that 82% of the women they interviewed have (once) had “no strings” sex. Be it with an FWB (Friend with Benefits), a “casual” date or in a simple one night stand. They interviewed 2.000 women between the ages of 18 to 63 and the number one reason for them to do this was simply for...the FUN! Widely 51% of the interviewed said that the goal of engaging into a “no strings” agreement was mainly to have fun. No Pressure, no emotional hurdles and no commitment hassles involved.
But now surprisingly enough when you search the web most sites will warn you against the pitfalls of such an agreement and there are even sites that totally condemn the act. Which is understandable!
 It touches a topic that for a long time has been (and for some still is) what we call taboo...SEX. Besides this all, people see the concept of sex differently depending on their upbringing, their religious teachings, the norms and etiquettes they’ve set upon relationships and a series of other factors.

But of course such an agreement as the no strings isn’t risk free! But then again, WHAT is risk free?

It’s simply a commitment-free satisfaction of the physical needs, as I define it. Some condemn it, some approve of it...I’d say, you be your own judge and choose what you want to do. In the end, who’ll be the one enjoying or suffering the main consequences?
But keep in mind that a no strings agreement is rated NE; which means Not for Everyone. The biggest warning sign that is boldly written on most sites with NSA information has to do with the risk of getting attached and thus...the hurt that comes accompanied with the attachment. If one, or both of the partners is insecure, extremely jealous or easily attached this will represent a danger sign for maintaining their no strings agreement stress-free.
An NSA requires you to detach your heart from sex, and yea...for a lot of people this is a difficult task. Especially for women, due to their oxytoxin level.  You have to keep in mind that it’s just purely sex, and not “making love”. So some will advice that you restrain yourselves form post coital cuddling, minimize the encounters and absolutely no sleepovers.
 It is important, if you decide to engage into this type of an agreement to be very honest with yourself. Do you really want an agreement with no strings or something more binding? How able are you to keep emotions detached from intercourse? Ask yourself some serious questions...and if you don’t know the answer the best way to find out is by experience
Hey, what else can I say?  A No-Strings is an amusing, pleasing and dauntless act; as long as you set straight rules and the intention of the encounters is clear to both partners. And as long as you know your own limits and u keep yourself to them... Always keep in mind that it’s just about the physical satisfaction...and if you’re lucky you’ll get some good commitment-free birds and bees action.  As long as you can lock up the emotional and don’t try to rationalize all too much, you’ll have fun  exploring a world of non committed satisfaction and physical fulfillment.
Believe me; I know what I’m talking about here... (wink-wink).
So, what's your status? :P.... Mine? Uh....guess twice!


Piso Says:
July 8, 2011 at 4:17 PM

Haha NSA and it's pitt falls

lets just say, right now
Mine is It's complicated really complicated !!!

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