She; the opinionated mind

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angrily she shakes her head. As if this action would finally shake her mind to a hush.
"But whoever inquired YOUR opinion miss lousy know it all?", she wanted to ask. And sometimes she wishes she'd have the antidote to make it clam up; like when you throw a bone to a barking dog.
Especially in times when, like right now, her mind decides to shout out it's opinion extra loudly. No consideration, no choosing of the right words, no barriers. Just like a little kid who, in spite of several warnings of his mom, insists to give his opinion out loud about the hair of the lady across the room.

And too thoughtful for her own liking she adjusts the pillows on her bed and comfortably positions herself in between...doing no more than gazing at the ceiling as if trying to see something through it. But at the same time she sinks back in the pillows, she sinks back in a labyrinth of thoughts... Thoughts which sometimes, she'd rather leave untouched.

"But seriously woman, I think you should do this differently" her mind continues, "oh come know better then this! And by the way, I think you know I'm just love to be the little stubborn you sometimes! But you'll see...wait a while longer and you'll see!"

"And so WHAT if I'm stubborn?" She answers out loud, as thou she believes that such a undaunted response will now shock her mind mute. And she tries to tightly close her eyes and concentrate on something else... whatever else.
But alas, without asking for permission, and without any consideration or etiquette her mind jumps in between again. Loud, over opinionated and convinced of it's own judgment.
Before she even knew, she found herself thrown into one possible scenario after the other in her mind...the wanted and unwanted alike.

And it took her a while to realize she was, yet again, practicing possible lines, reactions and situations in her head, going down memory lane and judging what could have been done better, Shivering in the foretaste of the unknown...

With none but her opinionated mind ever constantly jumping in "Yea yea woman,...but..."

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