She: NEVER again...

Sunday, September 25, 2011
Then, nervously she picked up her phone from her lap and turned it on while looking at the blinking red light in total relief.
"A message," she thought "I hope it's something distracting!....pleaaaaassseee be something distracting...pleaaaaseee?"
And happily she noticed that indeed, she was right this time; the most distracting person on her messenger list has sent her a message... Just in time!
A smile of relief painted on her face while she taps the message open, let's out a nervous sigh and leans comfortably back in her chair.
"This is what we'll do while we wait" she smiled and thought to herself. "Yes....we'll keep this person talking for as much as it is necessary. THAT shouldn't be that hard of a job..."
But after the first sentence she wrote in reply to the person in question, he wrote no more than 'hahahahahaha'.... After that unfitting laughter, she could fish not one more word out of him.
And her thoughts were running wildly, her feet got ice cold yet again and she felt a rock dropped without any consideration in her unstable stomach "NOOOO, why?!?! Why you go silent on me now, you stupid?"
Unable to think of any other solution she let's out another sigh, puts the phone aside and tried again to put attention to the print-outs on her lap.
But no matter how hard she tried to focus, that was impossible. The whole concussion of nervous feelings in her body prevented her to understand a word she read. And mentally she accused herself. " Take this now, you brat! I thought you said you're never doing this again. What the hell is this now? You seriously need to stop it. What in heaven's name where you thinking? You had to say noooo, just plain NO! But naah, you had to mess up. Now here you are....blame it on WHO? Yea, take THIS now for getting yourself in this moment! And I hope next time you'd know what to say huh?" And she rolls her eyes!
"Participants....this way!" She heard a familiar voice shouting in the background, and she was swept back to reality with shaking hands, a dry throat and killer cramps!

Contest briefing took place in record time. And she heard she was the only participant for this contest (in her area). But not even that news could do the trick. "I can't do this," she mumbled at such a low volume that no one could hear, "I'm not ready yet! Can't do this"

But in the end she had no choice, so participate she did.
And automatically she won speech-evaluation contest for area 2.

And now she has no option, she'll have to compete this coming week on the next level to represent her area in the next speech evaluation competition.
Each time the joy of winning sweeps away the thought that she had previously told herself a zillion time "never again". She somehow even finds the courage to even say "bring it on, other areas! Bring-it-on!" The shaking and trembling woman that was some minutes ago, is now nowhere to be found...for the time being!

And she said, never again huh? "Well yea, we'll just finish the job this once. Next time... Wait, why the hell are you thinking about a next time? No, there won't be such a thing! You stop it right this instant!", she said to herself out loud while placing the trophy next to the others on the bookshelf in her bedroom.

And next to the trophy she placed some tranquilizer drops she purchased at the drugstore, in the know that she'll probably get herself into a 'next time'.

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