Please, allow me to dramatize....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
It is appealing to wake up to some drama every so often. Especially if it's on a monday morning...
Aaaaaaaaahhh! It simply fills you with fresh and optimistic mood to start the week; and you'll be enthusiastically looking forward to whatever is next in line.

I have come to the conclusion that I MUST have some kind of a drama magnet. Don't know how...but I seem to attract professional drama deliverers to my surroundings. If it isn't the mom that over-exaggerates and worries too much and nags, it's miss issues who (to my humble opinion) needs some serious psychiatric attention, or it's the ex who can't seem to accept his place on history channel or maybe it's the DSA (dramatic strings attached) playing greedy... You name it.... I think I've had some of it.

Now, there's a big difference between drama coming from your family or a close relative and the oh-so-dreaded drama coming from a bare stranger or someone...well...let's say someone we are not supposed to be taking any of the shit from. At themoment you start getting to big a shipment of unrequested drama from the latter....oh boy...THERE'S where the tides arise! Are you feeling me? If you've ever been through, say 'amen'!

Let's say, you wake up on monday morning to some heavy load from someone in the second category. First thing in the morning... Bet it'll have you smiling all day huh?
Well, been there, done that....YESTERDAY!!! And no, i wasn't exactly leaping for joy about it.
Wasn't exactly the morning call I had expected. And I have to admit, for some moment there it had me quite moody. But hey, we can't always manage that which we get ourselves into, or the way people reacts towards us. What we CAN do is...react wisely.

Get your mental notebook are some short tips to help you through;

- remain calm; the world isn't going to end because of them;
- while you're in there, don't forget to breathe. Inproper breathing causes your heart to pump faster.  and the next thing you know, you have a nervous breakdown. (lol, unverified information here)
- think clear; thoughtless reactions can lead to irreversible foolishness;
- don't yell...speak; just think about it...why would you waste valuable voice decibels in worthless drama?
- in addition to the previous...don't JUST speak. Make things clear....especially what they position and importance in your life is concerned. It is important for some people to know that shit can not be accepted from them because...well because they're simply not that important to you. Any sign from you that appeared as thou you care....has clearly enough been misinterpretted by the person. PERIOD.
- smile. Especially because there's no reason to do so. It has been proven that a genuine smile relaxes people. So go ahead and smile at the silliness of a child that stands at your window and mimic you, smile because of the funny sounding voice of a just because.
- don't let any of it go to heart; as soon as something is important enough to touch your emotions while it shouldn't; stand still... You're heading wrong way, stop and turn!
So my dear blog reader....if life decides to serve you a fresh brewed cup of drama every monday morning from now on, here's some cookie to go with it. Sante!

(how do YOU tackle drama? Leave ur comment and let me know).                                                      


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