Vale Et Salvete...(Goodbye and Hello)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 we the beginning of quite another year. I'm keeping this first post of 2012 short and simple; in case your packed schedule doesn't allow you much time to read....

How's the new year treating you so far by the way?
I must say that the past year have not been all too bad for me, but of was absolutely not sugar-coated either. I've known wins and loses, I've grown, I learned, I made good and bad decisions and endured the consequences... I made new friends, got myself some additional acquaintances and managed to maintain some of the existing ones. I traveled a lot, I grew closer to my family, I graduated, I got promoted at work, I regained much of the lost confidence, I became a tiny bit more open(to my own opinion), I satisfied the little mischievous, sarcastic and egocentric voice inside sometimes, I've (started) outing more of my talents, I've lost weight and I became much stronger, independent and altogether a huge step further from the way I started off the year.
There's been very profound hurts in the past year, yes, some of which the pain occasionally still gives head and drowns me in a dip. I have had deep rooted anger and regrets...DEEP...that at times the thoughts and feelings even scared myself. But needless to say, that beside it all, I've also had loud and satisfying laughters, extremely valuable moments shared, I have loved and have been loved and I've known satisfaction.

And like a wind that blows past and never returns.... all that happened in 2011 is gone....
It belongs now to the past an there's little I can change. Some things came along across the borders of 2012 and some were left behind. If I intend to make any progress at all, I will need to move on...

So I decided not to start this year with any resolutions at all. Don't get me wrong, resolutions are good things to have. You know, you wanna commit yourself to lose some weight, take yoga lessons, find love to, do more exercise and all of the positive goals.
But wait, didn't last year start with these exact same resolutions? And the year before that? And the previous one? We vowed to commit ourselves to their fulfillment and with sky-high spirits we started working on those perfect goals we've set. But many a times we don't even know when, where or how...but we come to loose those out of sight... And the moment they come back to mind, is right when we're standing at the start of another year.

So no, I started off this year with nothing but just one word....


Yes,I think those two letters contains it all.

Do what makes you happy
Do whatever is good for your soul
Do stand up for yourself
Do that which fulfills you
Do embrace life more
Do good to others
Do grow
Do learn
Do take care of yourself (physically, mentally and emotionally)
Do try and trust
Do laugh
Do think there's a way out
Do something crazy and silly once in a while
Do dare
Do believe

Yes...just DO...

I think it all fits indeed....
And just in case I might get all tangled in the living of this years experiences, if I get blown by the lessons of this year or if its goodness might come to overwhelm me like a tsunami...I think I just need to remember to DO whatever needs to be done.

I have no choice whatsoever but to move on; I can't stay in the past, there's no room for me there! I made it into 2012...and all that needs to be done is for me to DO.

I don't know if you started out your year with little or many resolutions. Or if you started off with any resolution at all....
Whatever it is...DO make sure that you'd extract all the best you can out of it.

Enjoy and may you have a fulfilling 2012.
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