Is it just me or do you not know what to do now?

Sunday, January 22, 2012
We have known, oftentimes, the right words to enlighten another person with what would be...the ideal advice in a given situation. And many a times we might have found ourselves saying "well if it was me, I would have..."

Now it IS you...yes YOU!

How many times haven't we ourselves needed to heed those advises we previously gave to someone else...and we simply didn't? Not because we don't know them...but because....well I don't know the reasons.

But I've been in that position...and even now, writing this post...I find myself right there; at the place where I know I would've had a perfect advice, as long as the situation wasn't my own.

You know...something like..."Go on and give it a try!", "Give yourself the chance", "Don't think so negatively...go on and have fun while at it", "Go talk to him/her & clear things up", "Maybe you should try it this way...", " No, I don't think you should have done/said that..", "Don't build up hopes...move on!", "Stop being so hard...give in"...

But why?
Why does it appear as thou you suddenly loose your rational side when it's YOU that's going through? Is it maybe, that being IN a certain situation obstructs us from having a clear view? Clogs our minds somehow preventing us from seeing possibilities that lay right in front of our eyes? Or silences the little voice of our smarter selves?
Are we, maybe, too stubborn and hard hearted to accept our own advice?
Don't we trust our own intuition enough?
Do we lack some sort of willpower?
Now....what is it exactly? What on earth could it be?
What mutes those advise-full voices so well????

I sincerely don't know. But whatever it is...
I've come to the discovery that advises are easier given than lived. Heeding your own advise can sometimes be a complicated matter. And I don't know why. But then again, complications doesn't equal impossibility...
If we are but sincere with ourselves!

I mean...just saying
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