Is it just me or...the gage's reaching empty?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today I feel uhm...stressed and frustrated. So on my way home from work I stopped for a scoop of delightful caramel n' pralines ice cream and of course some mind-relaxing solitude.
It's just that, eventhou you enjoy your work generally, some colleagues can be such sophisticated covered asses sometimes... It amazes me how good they can pretend to be human, those scumbags!

When you ask me for my opinion, expect to hear it...and when you hear it, please at the very least hypocritically act as thou you are doing something about it. I mean, you may not agree...and good news, you don't need to. Who says doing something about it means agreeing? It simply creates the illusion of giving and taking...and it makes people feel allright.

Tomorrow will be a week that I told them (in a general time-wasting reflection session) how frustrating it can be to have continuous corrections on the same document. The director took it personally and argued right away on the why's she wouldn't accept me to say such thing. Afterall, I guess her defensive armours went up way too soon when i started speaking...they covered her ears too and her mind alike....the poor thing. (rolls eyes sarcastically)
Today I made the 6th correction on some documents I've made since December the 23rd and which actully had to be sent out BEFORE the 12th of January but couldn't...thanks to the hard work and efforts of our ever loyal and dedicated management team. Nope, nothing wrong with the contents of my documents...simple periods, coma's, bold words and spaces...
But for hell's sake....wouldn't you do all the corrections at once so that we both may spare some time, patience, paper and a balanced work relationship? I mean...if you're asking me to try saving on telephone costs, not to print unnecessary things and likewise don't you realize that 6 corrections means that I have to print out the same effing document 6 effing times? Hooray for showing me how to save papers at work...

I know, I've been appearing to be very patient about your constant selfish AND thoughtless inquiries...but that patience gage is about to hit empty. So, I beg you for the sake of having all marbles ....stop being such self consumed, mindless, idiotic bastards and act up like real grown up leaders for once. the quote's not illegal yet!

Bet yo' mama won't be very proud of you if she'd seen this...(sigh)

I threw the last corrected documents on the floor in the middle of the office this afternoon and layed myself there beside them. Too bad you didn't see us!
I hope when they come back tomorrow they'd have your name signed below...otherwise I bet you can't imagine where the documents will end. Have them a special place prepared in my mind...please bring comfortable clothes, lube and wear soft undergarments just in case...

It's a good thing I have colleagues with whom I can joke and laugh about the matter. It keeps things leveled often... So by the way, I think you owe them a "thank you"... for the fact that I haven't exploded yet. And my momma too to show her your heartfelt gratitude...for raising a lady...who knows how to breath in and out and count to ten a couple of times even when she wished she could wipe you off her bottom and flush the piece of crap you are.

There's been a full tank of patience when we started off, but we all know,driving around causes it to end. These last drops are toxic bro...these last drops are toxic.

Listen up...even the deepest waters have a bottom, and that at that moment when you get to the bottom... if you aren't careful enough you'll drown. Some depts are even dangerous to reach, go on and ask a diver. A person may appear to be forever patient...but don't test the depts of their patience. Don't!!
I mean...just saying!


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